Farm-to-Table Restaurant in Logan, Utah

Because Fresh Tastes Best

Locally Sourced

Just as the ingredients in Ruby Jean’s home-cooked meals came locally from her family’s farm in the Bear Lake area, Ruby’s Pizzeria & Grill is proud to serve dishes containing ingredients from around Cache Valley and other parts of Utah.

Farm-grown foods are known for their benefits of being better tasting and more nutrient dense. Our veggies are sourced from local farms by season.

North Logan

Farm-grown foods are known for their benefits of being better tasting and more nutrient dense. Our lettuce and many of our herbs are sourced from Green Canyon Farms, located just up the street, in North Logan (1.1 miles north of Ruby’s.)

Salt Lake City

The bread we use for our burgers and sandwiches comes from Stone Ground Bakery located in Salt Lake City. They produce the best bread and buns using old-world baking techniques, and centuries-old family recipes, from grain farmed in Utah, Idaho and Montana.

Shelly, ID

The honey used in our dishes—such as the Asian sandwich—comes from Cox’s Honey Farm in Shelly, Idaho (which is of course where our potatoes come from!) Since 1927, the family business has focused on flavor and preserving the inherent healthful benefits nature provides.


Do you like the cheese in Fillmore? Our cheese sauces are made with premium cheese sourced directly from Great Lakes Cheese, in Fillmore, UT.

Brigham City

All of the fresh flour we use for our pizza dough is delivered twice weekly from Big J Milling located in Brigham City. Big J Milling has a long-standing family tradition of producing superb, high-quality wheat flour since 1909.

Salt Lake City

Our beef comes straight from legendary Main St. Quality Meats located in Salt Lake City. Now in their fourth generation as a family-owned business, Main St. Quality Meats produces the highest quality fresh meats and poultry in Utah. They are also committed to supplying safe, antibiotic-free meats from humanely-treated animals.

Our Menu

Our selection of dishes showcases the depth and variety of flavors that can only be achieved with fresh, farm-grown foods. Check out our menu which features a diverse selection of pizza, burgers and sandwiches, macs, and more comfort food that is nearly entirely free of preservatives and additives.

From farm to table, we’re proud to serve you a taste of Cache Valley and all its surrounding areas.